About Us

Our department was established in August of 1976 and earned AACSB business accreditation in February 2018.We offer an undergraduate program and a master’s program. Accounting forms the foundation of our curriculum, which also integrates knowledge from industry, information technology, finance, law, and management. Guided by our values—justice, empathy, excellence, pinnacle—we strive to produce world-class leaders with global vision.



Train accounting professionals

Fulfill responsibility to society

Build spirit of collaboration 


Resources and Features

Teaching: University-wide Accounting Assessment Exam

We established the Accounting Education Task Force in 2007 in order to improve the quality of accounting instruction and standardize the content of accounting courses. In the same year, we organized the University-wide Accounting Assessment Exam in which thousands of students participated. The exam questions were written by our accounting instructors, and all participating students were evaluated on an equal basis. The top 100 performers on the exam received monetary awards and certificates of recognition. The goal was to incentivize learning through fair competition.

Counseling: The Accounting Learning Support Center

The Accounting Learning Support Center was created to provide a comfortable learning and study environment for students. Books and laptop computers are available for use. The center is also staffed with accounting tutors, who provide academic support to other students taking accounting courses; the tutors are selected from the top 100 performers on the University-wide Accounting Assessment Exam. We believe the tutors themselves also learn from teaching their fellow students.

Service: Volunteer Training Program

The Volunteer Training Program was set up to cultivate justice and empathy in students and help improve their work ethic. Students choose the type of community service they would like to perform according to their interests; then they plan and execute activities related to the chosen service. Team leaders are chosen among the volunteers, and they oversee the training of volunteers and act as liaisons with faculty. Team leaders are also take career training courses. Through career training and actual service, students can learn from hands-on experience, enhance their coordination and integration skills, and become more competitive in the job market.

Professionalism: Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Diversity in Learning

Our interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes diversity in learning and certification in specialized areas. We have reduced the number of required courses, which gives students more flexibility in ...