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Hsiu-Feng Lin (Associate Professor)
Hsiu-Feng Lin (Associate Professor)


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Ph.D., National Taipei University
Taiwan CPA Qualified
Financial Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Governance, Empirical tax research
Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Business Valuation and Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteer Empowerment Program, Independent Study
School YearPaper Title
108林秀鳳、陳岳鴻與林育陞,多子多孫多福氣?創辦人離世之觀察,Taiwan Accounting Review,16, pp135-165,(TSSCI)
104Hsiu-Feng Lin, Yuen-Hung Chen,Impartial Judgment? The Impact of Judges Professionalization on Agent's Tax Litigation Performance,Taiwan Accounting Review,12, pp1~42,(TSSCI)
104Hsiu-Feng Lin, Yuen-Hung Chen,A Study on Litigation Performance Difference of Tax Litigation Agent,Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy,28, pp259~298,(TSSCI)
103Hsiu-Feng Lin, Yueh-Hung Chen, Wan-Hua Huang,The Relation between Innovation Capability and Firm Value of Biotechnology Industry-The Moderating Effect of Advertising Expenditures,Journal of Management and Business Research,31, pp89~106,(TSSCI)
102Hsiu-Feng Lin, Ya-Ju Cheng, Ping-Hsiao Lin, Cheng-Yen Chen,The Relationship between Voluntary Environment Disclosure and Firm Value,Tunghai Management Review,15, pp37~67
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102Jan-Zan Lee, Hsiu-Feng Lin,Is the Audit Quality of Big 4 Better than Non-Big 4?Evidence from Ability of CPA Firm to Restrict Earnings Management-The Importance of Controlling Self-Selection Bias,Taiwan Accounting Review,9, pp77~110,(TSSCI)
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School YearPaper Title
106林秀鳳、夏嘉妤,反向收購對公司信用評等之影響-CEO關係網絡之調節效果,2017 ATPC會計理論與實務國際研討會與亞洲會計學會聯合研討會,2017-11-2017-12
104Yen-Jung Chen, Hsiu-Feng Lin. ,The Effect of Clients from Leading Companies on Auditors’ Pricing Strategy: Evidence from Initial Engagement of A Shares in China.,2016 Accounting Theory and Practice Conference.,2016-04-2016-04
99Lin, H. F. , Y. H. Chen, and B. R. Chao. ,Relation between Board of Directors with Financial Expertise and Earnings Quality.,2010 Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association,2010-07-2010-08
99Chen, H. C., H. F. Lin, and J. Z. Lee. ,Audit Partner Sanction and Discretionary Accruals. ,2010 Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association,2010-07-2010-08
School NameCountryDepartmentDegree起迄年月
National Taipei UniversitytaiwanDepartment of AccountingPh.D.2002-08~2008-01
National Chengchi UniversityTaiwanDepartment of Public FinanceMaster1987-08~1989-07
Organization NameUnit職務期間
Taiwan Accounting Assocation Education Committee2017-01~2019-01
Feng Chia UniversityOffice of Extension Education Member of Off-Campus Curriculum Committee2016-08~2019-01
Tunghai UniversityAudit CommitteeConvener2008-08~2009-07
THU Alumni AssociateChief Accountant1999-02~2001-02
Tunghai UniversityAccounting OfficeOffice of the Director1995-09~1998-11